Cold Weather and Burst Pipes

Trying to find an emergency plumber in Hudson county NJ on short notice can be really tough. I mean, finding one in any county is tough! There are not many plumbers who are available 24 hours and willing to come on short notice if there ever is an emergency with your plumbing. You have no idea how relieved I was when we had some pipes burst and Sal came right away!

It was a bitterly cold night, we are talking below freezing temps and warnings to keep water running in the sinks if possible or pipes would freeze. Me and my husband thought we were fine when we had our water going. That was until he woke up in the night and heard nothing but silence. No water dripping or running anywhere. Our pipes had froze. We frantically search to find out what to do next, was there something we could to to prevent more damage? Well, it was too late. We heard a crack, looked at each other, and then ran to the basement and saw all the water rushing in from a busted pipe. We shut off the water and started calling for an emergency plumber. No one wanted to work that late in the night and no one wanted to come due to how cold it was. Then we found Sal. Sal, thankfully, lived real near us and came over to help. He told us to keep the water off and in the morning, when it warmed up a bit, he’d come back to fix it. Otherwise, it’ll be putting a band-aid on it and not doing the surgery it needs. We could deal without water for a few hours.

The next day around noon, Sal came over and replaced a few of the pipes. The were either already busted or had been cracked through the years. If they had not been replaced, we would have had to deal with this sort of thing all over again.Sal was the only plumber that we called that not only came when we called, but also did the best job! We only contact him now because when you find a great guy who comes at emergencies, you better keep him!

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