Resultado de la Lotería de Navidad 2021 -phishing mail

Attention: Winner,

The Spanish Lottery is pleased to inform you of the results of the LOTERIA DE NAVIDAD Spanish DRAW Program held on 12-22-2021. Your name linked to ticket Nє: 72119, Bond-C200 of serial Nє : 05318834897/EU/021 categorically selected as the winner of Ђ1,250,000.00 (One million two hundred and fifty thousand euros), in cash paid to claim file No. 9510792940/EU This is the total prize money of 4,495,679.00, distributed between the 2nd in the category and the last category international winners in these categories. CONGRATULATIONS!!!

Your prize money is entrusted to the insurance company to avoid any confusion that may arise with certain names and numbers; We recommend that you keep your ticket Nє: 72119, serial Nє: 05318834897/EU/021&claim file No. 9510792940/EU confidential to avoid intruder until we have completed all paperwork and the funds have been transferred to your chosen bank account. We require this precaution for security reasons.

All participants were selected by a computerized lottery system from among 25,000,000,00 names and email addresses of people from Asia, Australia, New Zealand, Europe, Africa, Latin America and North America, as part of an international travel agency business promotion that we carry out once a year. To claim your prize, contact your insurance agent: Sra. Marнa Rafael Jimйnez, Foreign Operations Manager of “FIDELITY FINANCE SEGUROS S.A.” at Tel/Fax: +34672586904, Email:, for fund transfer procedures.

NOTE: For more information about your prize, connect us on our website: Enter your winning number (72119) in the space for Verify(comprobar) and enter 200 in the space of imports(importa) click on Search(comprobar) 200 is the price of the ticket. Your winning number will appear and you will find attached the payment procedure form, complete and send by email or fax. This prize must be claimed before 17/04/2022.


L. Antonio F. Castillo
(Vicepresidenta Departamento de Premios Internacionales)

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