Gambling and lotteries in goa

While american companies like paypal prohibit using it for making or receiving payment from lotteries or any kind of gambling, India has fairly liberal gambling laws and goa has among the most liberal gambling, drinking laws in India attracting tourists from all over the country and the rest of the world.

While the goan media is always discussing the casinos, especially the floating casinos in Mandovi river and elsewhere in reality most people are gambling and satta matka is extremely popular, with people taking bets at almost every lane in Panaji, goa

Goa has few sources of revenue, and to attract the maximum number of tourists, they have substantially relaxed the laws for opening a casino, and goa is the only state in India where casino gambling is legally allowed. There are also a number of lottery sellers in goa, who are selling lottery tickets of different kinds of lottery.

However satta matka remains the most popular form of gambling, though the operators are no longer visible in the last few months due to some court orders to the police officials. There are some popular online lotteries in India also like Playwin, however gaming is allowed only in three states of India, Goa, Sikkim and Maharashtra