Unclaimed Lottery – phishing email

These sites will typically terminate your bonus development if you surpass the optimum betting limit. The most live casino permit players to use in between $1 and $5 per round on the bonus quantity. This is one more reason to be careful of unrealistic reward packages.

Confidential Email sent to:

My name is Mr Perry Roddrick a UK National Lottery staff. I have a winning ticket which was sold to underage by the retailer and the underage lucky winner can’t claim the prize. The unclaimed prize in our company which i will like you to claim, i will make it possible for you to claim it by changing the purchase information in our company’s data. I can’t use my relation for such deal because of the company’s policy. If you are serious and interested, get back to me ASAP because there is a deadline for the claim and i will instruct you on how to go for the claim and i promise you 100% success. Please keep this confidential for the safety of my job.

I await your fast response asap to detail you on how to go about the claim.


Perry Roddrick

Head, IT Department
UK National Lottery