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We are pleased to inform you that you’ve won a lottery prize of $750,000.00 USD (Seven Hundred Fifty Thousand Dollars). On behalf of the Staff and Management Team of The National Lottery USA, Association of Powerball Lotteries Usa. We congratulate you following the publication of results for the Powerball Lotteries Usa Online Promotions Game, held at 7:30 PM on Tuesday 27th December 2023, in which your email address won a cash prize of $750,000.00 USD (Seven Hundred Fifty Thousand Dollars) via free-draw ticket numbers: 00880-08068-00000-58112-05125-87120. Your e-mail address was attached to our Draw-Based Central Computer System, which generated free-entry (Ticket) Numbers: 00880-08068-00000-58112-05125-87120 and Reference number: NL/47509/04/23, which drew the Winning Numbers: (01) (11) (13) (24) (49) + Lucky Stars: (05) (06) that won you the cash prize of $750,000.00 USD (Seven Hundred Fifty Thousand Dollars) in 2nd category i.e match 5 online jackpot results. The free-online lottery draws takes place via computer generate random selection, NO TICKETS WERE SOLD. this online lottery promotions game was drawn from a database of over 450,000 active internet users around the world, all active email addresses were automatically entered and assigned to different entry ticket numbers for representation and privacy. The online Lottery Promotions award game was set up to promote the Powerball Lotteries Usa online games as it offers free-online lottery games to the public, giving people from different locations around the world (Asia, Africa, Europe, North America, South America, Australia and Antarctica) the chance to win life-changing sums of money. You are entitled to claim a lottery prize of $750,000.00 USD (Seven Hundred Fifty Thousand Dollars) in cash. This is from a total cash prize of $17,216,700.00 USD(Seventeen million, Two hundred and sixteen thousand, Seven hundred Dollars) Shared amongst the nineteen (19) lucky winners in their respective draw categories. HOW TO CLAIM YOUR WINNING PRIZE:– You are required to contact The National Lottery Claims Department and apply for claims of your prize funds of $750,000.00 USD (Seven Hundred Fifty Thousand Dollars). The information’s listed below are required for validation of your lottery prize and processing of your claim/payments. Please fill in your Personal Data in the space below and also submit your winning information as specified below to enable the National Lottery Prize Claims Officer validate your prize and also process your claim/payments. PRIZE VALIDATION AND PAYMENT REQUIREMENTS – 1. Your Full Name:___________________? 2. Residence Address:_______________________________? 3. Country:_____________? 4. Age: _________ Gender: ______? 5. Phone Number:_______________? 6. Free-Draw Ticket Numbers: 00880-08068-00000-58112-05125-87120 7. Reference Numbers: NL/47509/04/22 9. Date of Draw: Tuesday 27th December 2023 9. Winning Numbers: (01) (11) (13) (24) (49) + Lucky Stars: (05) (06) 10.Prize Amount: $750,000.00 USD (Seven Hundred Fifty Thousand Dollars) Please contact the prize claims officer (Mr. Lonnie Bruhin) through the email address below. Contact Mr. Lonnie Bruhin (Prize Claims Officer) The National Lottery Claims Department (Regional Center Belfast -UK) Email: Email:

Important Information:– Please keep this award notification letter and your winning information strictly confidential until your prize is validated and your claim processed and payout. This is part of our company security protocols to avoid double or false claims and unwarranted abuse of this lottery program. Congratulations! for winning the grand prize of $750,000.00 USD (Seven Hundred Fifty Thousand Dollars). Best Wishes, Ms. Colleen A. Darragh, Lottery Co-coordinator Powerball Lottery Online Promotions





Dear Winner,

Results for category “A” Email Draws..
Amount Won: $20,000,000 (Twenty Million US Dollars Only)

Congratulations to you our Winner in the GOOGLE LOTTERY INTERNATIONAL 2023 (NO TICKETS SOLD).
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